Best to upload large video files

Hey team,

I need to upload a few medium files (200Mb movies) for demonstrating our use case to use stream movie from canisters.

  1. I was told by Alexa that bigmap and bigsearch are discountinued, so cannot be used anymore.

  2. I was trying to deploy a canister containing with a few videos (ca. 250Mb each).
    It succeeded with one video. I then tried deploying again but with 8 videos: it keeps failing after uploading a couple of videos, throwing:
    An error happened during communication with the replica: error sending request for url ( http2 error: protocol error: unspecific protocol error detected

What could it mean?

  1. I tried to use this example: file_upload_experiment/file_upload_assets.did.js at main · krpeacock/file_upload_experiment · GitHub

but the motoko code isn’t available

How can I proceed? Could you please advise on how to achieve this?