Fileupload functionality

Wondering, about large file upload to canister.

How we can achieve file uploading of size 4 MB ? Is there any tutorial or help available

Appreciating much for your time and effort to reply to this thread
Thanks a lot

I’m not aware of a small, self contained example but the CanCan TikTok clone would up and download larger video files in chunks:

(Search for Chunk in here:)

Maybe someone knows of a smaller example…


The asset canister itself works this way, but the SDK team is actively working on readymade solutions to drop asset management into a custom canister. We’ll have something for you before long


Awesome. One limitation with the asset canister is that the assets need to known at canister build time (as opposed to dynamically uploading user-provided assets), I believe.

Technically not! The method runs after the canister wasm has already been installed, and it’s more of a permissions issue to upload with user content


Thanks alot guys ! I will look into CanCan.