Replica Error: not allowed to call ic00 method provisional_create_canister_with_cycles

We’ve encountered unexpected behavior in DFX 0.15.0 and 0.15.1.

After attempting to update the canister from my local DFX using the command dfx deploy identity_manager --network stage --no-wallet I received the following error: The replica returned a replica error: Replica Error: reject code CanisterReject, reject message Caller lh6kg-7ebfk-bwa26-zgl6l-l27vx-xnnr4-ow2n4-mm4cq-tfjky-rs5gq-5ae is not allowed to call ic00 method provisional_create_canister_with_cycles, error code Some("IC0516").

The same error occurred in my colleagues’ environments on other canisters (Ehoj3i-aiaaa-aaaak-qcl7a-cai, jiept-kaaaa-aaaao-aajsa-cai ).

Rolling back DFX to version 0.12.0 resumed the upgrade command’s functionality. Some of our pipelines are affected.

Do we need to wait for an update with a fix, or are there any actions required from the developers to use the latest DFX version ?


Can you share the definition of the network staging? It looks like for some reason dfx does not recognize staging as mainnet and tries to do things that are only possible locally

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Hey, Severin. This is what we have in dfx.json

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As part of this the definition of what dfx recognises as mainnet was changed. dfx now treats as mainnet. If you change every to things should work again as before. If you’re wondering why is no longer recognised I don’t have a good answer. We probably should have kept that in

In case you’re interested: here is how the detection is defined


Thank you Severin. Now it works!


Thank you @Severin . We encountered a similar issue with provider: "".

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