Badlands (node proposal) [Community Consideration]

There probably are quite a few applications …

If memory serves there are about 4000 independent data centers in US/UK/Germany/China ….total.

Obviously you can have concentrations of nodes in any particular data center.

Why are we limiting our imagination to the thesis that end user devices are cheap and inferior? Why are we even bringing up Raspberry Pi?

The access point and the pipe is agnostic to everything but the math.

What if u set up an access point in the data center?(like we’ve been doing for the last 30 years in telephony)…

Oh ….might that change the end user device?

Why yes it most splendidly could.

Why are we treating the term decentralized like they did in the early part of the century? Aside from being the ‘marketing spice’ is it not about the distribution of power among many participants?

That is the endgame consistent with the philosophy that I hear articulated by folks that preach decentralization uber alles. So let’s go there.

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I cannot quite speak for the tweet you posted, but I think the reality is a composite of the following statements:

  1. Dom sees Badlands as important but wants this to be something the community does want. There is a reason he wrote in his medium post the following:

Everyone, please note: this is a technical pre-post for those interested in the Badlands concept, rather than a formal post announcing details of the project. There are several competing demands on the teams developing the Internet Computer ecosystem at the moment, including work currently underway to directly integrate the network with Ethereum and Bitcoin using “Chain Key” cryptography. Providing opportunities for amateur node providers remains an important objective, so I’m sharing this post today to provide an opportunity for community discussion.

  1. The Foundation has multiple complex inter-layer projects while also scaling the network and infrastructure so there is a high bar for tackling more complex projects.

I lean the same way, tbh.

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