BABY AROF status report - date 9/6/2023

BABY AROF status report - date 9/6/2023

After a long time since the last BABY AROF project status report, we are going to give a big report to the BABY AROF community.


Report titles:

  • BABY AROF token original can status
  • TVL status
  • Status of holders
  • Token distribution conditions
  • Record new educational content

Short term goals:

  • Lottery launch
  • Meeting of the development team with the game development team
  • Educational plan with the aim of attracting new trained investors and growing users
  • More serious plans to list tokens on centralized exchanges
  • Advertising plan and attracting large funds

[image]BABY AROF token original can status:

At the time of writing this report, the main can of BABY AROF token has a charge of 144T, which can keep the BABY AROF token alive for more than 700 days. In the next three months, we will double this charge to increase the security of the asset.

TVL status:

At the time of writing this report, the TVL project is in a favorable condition compared to the top 10 tokens in the market. The project reserve is as follows:

  1. BABYAROF/ICP = 367.38ICP and 44.78m BABYAROF
  2. BABYAROF/GHOST = 469.99m GHOST and 1.73m BABYAROF
  3. TENDY/BABYAROF = 67.79TENDY and 201.73kBABYAROF

Note: The fully decentralized can belongs to ICP/BABYAROF

Status of BABYAROF token holders:

Total number of holders: 5990

Number of wallets with more than 1 million tokens: 6 wallets

Note: Out of these 6 wallets, one belongs to the storage of fees and two wallets belong to the development team, so there are only 3 real wallets in the project that store more than one million tokens.

More than 80% of wallets hold less than 100 thousand BABY AROF tokens.

The terms of token distribution at the time of writing this report are as follows:

  • The maximum liquidity is 110 million
  • Burned tokens: 15,692,238
  • Total tokens locked in the pool: 46,800,000
  • Tokens locked in ICPswap claim section: 10,712,000
  • Tokens saved from fees: 2.697.150
  • Tokens held by the development team: 4,632,000
  • Tokens stored in users’ wallets: 29,470,000

[image]Short term plans:

Lottery launch:

Two final collaboration events with DSCVR and YUMI teams have been planned for the launch of the lottery, and after these collaborations, the whitelist will be ready for sale.

A meeting with the game development team:

In the next four days we have a meeting with a game development team with the aim of creating a game on the DSCVR platform. This will be implemented with the aim of more applications and speeding up token burning.

A new training course called Cryptocurrency World with AROF that will be put into operation in the next 3 months:

this training system works in such a way that the total income of this plan is bought by BABY AROF tokens and distributed to the people who bought our training course. can be

The purpose of implementing this plan is to grow trained and active users so that we can form a powerful community, this can cause the growth of token transactions and the growth of token liquidity!

Attracting large capitals:

Until the beginning of October, we are trying to be able to use the BABY AROF token as a safe way to keep large capitals of Iranian businessmen. If the BABY AROF token is listed in centralized exchanges, the probability of using the BABY AROF token will increase.

Creating a liquidity pool with COE token:

This is the investment of the development team, who intend to create team shares with the COE project in the form of a decentralized liquidity pool. This issue can give hope to the COE community and also reduce the liquidity of BABY AROF.

We wish the best for the whole society, we will build together and for each other and bring freedom to the whole society.

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