Anonymous nodes?

In a recent twit Dominic mentioned that Dfinity is working on the possibility of anonymous node operation, I’d like to know if there are any more details regarding this. Particularly I’d like to know if node operation will become permissionless since this single data point will determine my move in relation to the project, and I assume the move of a large group of investors.



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We’re indeed working on opening the network on different layers. First by fully decentralizing it. Details about that you can find in our latest post about that topic. This provides the prerequisites for next steps like different node types including their connectivity, privacy and so on.

What you mean by “permissionless operations”. Self-managed nodes?

I assume he meant the possibility to run a node without the approval of the foundation/NNS


Thanks Zane. That makes sense. @MotoshiNakasato is probably referring to Dom’s badlands tweet.
The support of different node types regarding the topology and remuneration that we plan to introduce in Q2 is a milestone in that direction. For autonomous nodes we would need an NNS driven topology management that isn’t yet on the roadmap. We have a long list of operational maturity features and I personally see this on the end of that list.
The topology management tooling that the ops teams are using is already written in a way that allows an easy implementation into the governance system. My guess is that ops tooling for deterministic decentralisation of subnets will be the first topology related feature that will find its way into the NNS.