Announcing "Token Standard" as topic of the first meeting of the Ledger & Tokenization Working Group

Hello everyone,

I would like to share the topic of the first meeting of the Ledger & Tokenization technical working group that has been announced here. We at the Dfinity Foundation have gathered feedback about topics to discuss and one topic has been requested more than anything else. Without further ado, we are happy to announce that the first meeting of the Ledger & Tokenization working group will be centered around Token Standard on the Internet Computer! The first meeting will be about fungible tokens only.

The plan of the meeting is the following:

  • introduction (5-10 minutes)
  • open discussion (40 minutes)
  • next steps (5 minutes)

The open discussion is open for everybody to present their point of view if they want to. Each one of the presenters will have 5 minutes to present plus 5 minutes for Q&A. Slides are welcome. To ensure we have time for everybody, I ask you to reply to this post and maybe say two words about what your presentation is about. First come, first served. I will also present using the first slot.

Please keep in mind that this is the first time we do it so the plan may vary a bit from what has been described here :).

The meeting will be April 12, 2022 at 5:00pm CET.

I hope to see you there!


Hopefully, someone can share the meeting notes afterwards.

I would love to attend, but 8am PDT is somewhat prohibitive for me.

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I hope you will be able to discuss the fact that community-developed DEXs seem to be adopting one standard (DIP20) and the DFINITY-developed SNS seems to be adopting another standard (NNS ledger interface).

Not to mention the upcoming wrapped BTC canister… I’m not sure which standard they are using.

This fracturing will lead to headaches down the road, I suspect.


hey @jzxchiang,

DEXs are integrating with the NNS ledger interface as far as I know.
I’m the developer of ckBTC, aka wrapped BTC for the IC, and we are using the NNS ledger interface to keep it consistent with the interface used by SNS and NNS. The NNS ledger interface is the standard of both NNS and SNS.

I agree that fracturing will lead to headaches. The working group has been created to help dealing with this. I hope to have a constructive discussion about it on Tuesday :slightly_smiling_face: .

p.s. we are considering other times for the meeting of the working group. I’ll see what we can do.


Hi everyone,

Thanks everyone for participating in the first meeting of the Ledger & Tokenization working group. We got a lot of good feedback and some action points for the next meeting.

As decided in this working group, the next meeting will be dedicated to presenting the various token standard ideas. Everybody will be able to present their own take on the topic and get a Q&A about it. Let’s try to keep the presentations under 10 minutes to allow everybody a fair amount of time.

The date for the next working group meeting will be the 26th of April.

You can find a link to the slides I presented today here.

We would be grateful if you could fill this survey about the working group to help us improving this new process.

It has been great to meet all of you and have a nice discussion about token standards on the IC!

See you next time!


Is there/will there be records of the meetings?

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+1, I’d love to watch a replay and/or read some minutes.

Yesterday it was not possible to record the meeting due some privacy / legal (?) reasons. They will try to figure out if they can record future meetings.

There was no recording for the first meeting. I will see if we can record the next ones.

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Token Standard is very important and pretty urgent. The community complain a lot regarding the token standard. Hope you could find a solution asap. I don’t think a meeting cross 1 month is good enough, maybe have a meeting to discuss once in one week?

@daijianlin we have decided to have a meeting every 2 weeks for the Ledger & Tokenization working group. The next one will be the 26th of April.


Is the time for the ledger working group still set at 2 hours before the time for the developer tools one?

Yes, the time is 5:00pm CET. I’m discussing within Dfinity to have another meeting for people who cannot attend this one. Would it be easier for you to join the meeting if it was at 7:00pm CET?

Yes it would but I don’t want to force anyone to meet later than they can. :sweat_smile:

I think if there are recordings in the future that would already help a lot.

The meetings zoom link is changed. New link

Can you all create/update the event link on the main working group thread to every two weeks? I missed today…hope it was a good one!

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks for participating to yesterday’s working group session. It has been nice to talk about token standards more in details and share ideas. I’m happy to see that we are aligning toward a common standard more and more and I’m eager to continue the conversation. You can find the slides here.

Unfortunately, it looks like some people couldn’t participate to the session because of a broken Zoom link. I’d like to apologise for the technical issue on behalf of the Dfinity foundation, the link was created by somebody who is not at Dfinity anymore and for some reason the updated link didn’t reach all our users.

We are considering organising a new session next Tuesday, the 3rd of May, to continue the discussion about standards. It would be helpful to know who would be interested to join that meeting (e.g. because they couldn’t join yesterday’s meeting). Please reply to this post if you’re interested. If there is enough interest then we will organise it and send an invite.

Looking forward to chat with you again.


Very interested. :coin::coin::coin::coin::coin::coin::coin::coin:

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