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At Alpaca Labs, we’re committed to revolutionizing the ICP trading experience. Our journey began with the development of innovative Telegram bots, providing traders with real-time insights and balance tracking. Building on this success, we launched a web platform, a comprehensive listings site tailored for the ICP ecosystem.

In the past three weeks, we’ve reached an exciting milestone with the release of our native mobile app, available on both the App Store and Google Play. This shift towards mobile reflects our dedication to providing traders with intuitive, on-the-go access to vital trading tools. While our web version undergoes refinement to resolve existing bugs, our focus remains on unifying our codebase across platforms for seamless user experiences.

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our pivot towards mobile app development. While tools for ICP traders exist, our native mobile app stands out as a unique offering, enhancing accessibility and usability for traders on the move.

Driven by a passionate team, our project has witnessed substantial growth, reflected in our increased market cap and expanding social media presence. With a combined track record in software development and a deep understanding of the ICP ecosystem, we’re well-equipped to drive Alpaca Labs forward.

Our project serves as a valuable resource for traders, offering insights and support to navigate the complexities of ICP trading. As we continue to refine and expand our offerings, we aim to contribute significantly to the growth and vibrancy of the ICP ecosystem.

With the grant support, we plan to further enhance the AlpacaFi platform, refining our mobile app, and expanding our feature set to meet the evolving needs of ICP traders. Our goal is simple: to empower every ICP trader with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

See AlpacaFi on the Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore

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Congrats and good luck to you guys! :smiley:

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What he said :slight_smile:

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Great Job and good luck! team!

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Thank you for your application. It is always great to see teams build before applying for a grant.

However, it would be very useful for the review, if you could provide a bit more details on what you want to build during this grant.

Thank you for your responses!

A bit of an update, 2 weeks after the apps’ initial release and just prior to our first major update, we currently have nearly 900 downloads across iOS and Android.

Since this posting, we have made a complete redesign to the app’s UI and UX, bringing great improvements to users and a couple of new features.

Our next goals will be updating the web version, this means redesigning the UI as well as improving speed and reliability, as now there are a few major bugs present. After this is done, our main focus will be evolving and improving the mobile and web apps, bringing in new features and improvements, such as price alerts, and eventually (in the longer term), being able to swap from within the app.

The grant money will help us cover app-relate expenses, such as server costs, freelancers costs (for example the UI designer) and development costs.

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Thank you, @SebastianRubina. We appreciate your ability to generate early traction in the community with your initial product. The grants committee recognizes the value of your focus on mobile platforms that complement and has approved your request, despite the lower scores from individual reviewers.

In general, open source code and the development of on-chain services are preferred.

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