Lucrisma: Tokenize Your Entire Financial Life

Hello ICP Community!

The Lucrisma team is pleased to announce the final milestone of our first ICP grant. We have a working product which uses the Polygon blockchain. The team had been following the ICP project for a number of years, but only recently started looking at it more seriously. So this grant was our first foray into building parts of the existing application on the IC.

Lucrisma is an ambitious project that brings together a user’s entire financial life into a single user-friendly Web3 platform. We have built a product which seamlessly integrates TradFi & DeFi assets & liabilities, along with their identity, credit scores, pay stubs, W2s, and everything in between into a secure & private token. The token can then be used to access financial services such as mortgages, auto loans or DeFi loans.

The rest of the app is hosted on AWS. The goal for us with this initial grant was first of all to test the ICP capabilities, and investigate if we could potentially get away from using a centralized public cloud like AWS. Our developers also had not built on ICP. So this grant gave us the ability to better understand the technology & coding standards for deploying to the IC.

The current build mimics the login & registration process for the app using the Internet Identity. The originally built gives the user an option to login using a wallet (through WalletConnect), email, and Google.

Future plans:

The next step for us on the IC is to build out the dashboard functionality including the ability to add accounts & the tokenization part of the app. We will also lean on the ICP community to figure out how we can leverage IC’s features to enhance the functionality & security of the already-built app.

For more info you can check out the following links:
Current release:


It looks like a great project and a useful case study for migrating from AWS to ICP


Thank you so much for taking the time to demo. We discussed a few different avenues including Gmail login with NFID, creating an Ethereum wallet that a user controls by leveraging tECDSA and leveraging vetKeys.

A couple of questions and comments come to mind:

  1. Why are you creating an NFT for each user profile?

  2. Do you have plans to launch on mobile (via an app or PWA)?

  3. Related to creating an ICP canister smart contract that has an Ethereum wallet for each user, I think it would be valuable if a user could see their ckETH, ckBTC, and any other ICRC-2 balances.

  4. What will a user do after they have connected their wallets and bank accounts?

I think it would be interesting to provide them with tailored advice on how to better grow their money. For example:

  • If they hold cash in a bank account with a low interest rate, suggest an online bank with a higher interest rate (i.e. Wealthfront).
  • If they hold ICP, consider them to stake it on Rakeoff (chat with @dfxjesse) or other providers.

It was great chatting yesterday @jennifertran! Thanks for all those resources.

To answer your questions:

  1. The NFT contains & represents the user’s financial data, and can be used to access other financial services
  2. The production version of the app is already a PWA. We plan on adding native apps in the near future
  3. I will look into adding support for ckETH, ckBTC, etc. We plan on supporting as many types of assets & chains as possible
  4. We have a number of things on our roadmap for what users can do with their token. To begin with, they will be able to very easily apply for TradFi loans directly from their app. And since the token already has all the data needed for that loan, the process is seamless.

We also of course have plans of integrating with DeFi platforms. I will connect with @dfxjesse about Rakeoff.


Great project. All the best

Great products. Seems like you included a loyalty program too.