AI to build websites - with Dfinity?

OK, so THIS has happened recently:

…so I think the world (of coding) is about to be Rewritten!!! So - can it be made so that we can program Dfinity in this “GPT-3” thing instead of using the “Motoko” language or whatever - like, why bother making a new language when no new languages need to be made, yes?

Can somebody weigh in on this?

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Uh-oh. I just read this:

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Mr. carbosix, why have you hearted MICROSOFT (of all people!) buying GPT-3?!!

I saw GPT-3 a little while ago and wondered the same thing, not had time to explore it yet… but, I’ve always like the idea of non-coders being able to use simple tools to build rapidly.

Hearted the Microsoft post because you brought it to my attention, not that I was happy with MS buying the exclusive license for GPT-3!

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All OpenAI has done is signed its own demise.

Microsoft said others would still be able to access GPT-3 via an application programming interface. :rofl: :rofl:

Translation: Anyone building on GPT-3, is building on sand.