Agent-JS 1.2.0 is Released!

This release adds a few nice features, most notably, the agent works out of the box in React Native apps after switching to @noble/curves for bls verification!

This version will have the basic compatibility required for the new canister logging feature

Devs can now choose to restrict which authentication methods are allowed when logging in using Internet Identity. Pass allowPinAuthentication: false to authClient.login in order to prevent users from logging in using a PIN. You can also inspect the returned onSuccess payload in order to learn the authnMethod which can be 'passkey' | 'pin' | 'recovery'

What’s Changed

Full Changelog: v1.1.1…v1.2.0


Fun fact - this update comes with a significant decrease to the package size of most agent-js bundles!

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Thanks for the canister logging and the feature to disable PIN authentication. I’ll integrate those into Juno’s console in the next few days. I hope the JS BLS verification is rock solid, that’s a great improvement!

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