Add Wallet to SNS Canister

So I tried to trigger the start of my app which in the process creates the first canister that stores my users. However this failed I think because the wallet that i used locally to test this i would fabricate cycles with but i’m not sure that the backend even has a wallet currently. I did before the SNS but that was linked to my developer wallet.

Just wondering how i solve this, I’m assuming i will transfer some of the treasury to a wallet that can handle cycles, do I need to add a new ‘wallet’ canister?

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Can you clarify your question a bit more? I don’t think I quite get it

In general, canisters don’t need a wallet because they can hold their own cycles. They can just use their balance to create new canisters. If you need this to be accessible from multiple places and don’t want canisters to use their own cycles then yes, having something like a cycles wallet can make sense

Prior art: Most SNSes use some cycles distribution mechanism. Here’s how OpenChat solves it: open-chat/backend/canisters/cycles_dispenser at master · open-chat-labs/open-chat · GitHub

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ok dw I was just calling cycles.available but now I’ve read the experimental cycles API stuff I get that I needed cycles.balance