A short survey for users of DFINITY Internet Computer

Please take a short (3 multi-choice questions) survey for users of Internet Computer by All World Files Corp, a Wyoming corporation.

You taking this survey is rather important for further development of Internet Computer software ecosystem.


Just completed the survey

Out of curiosity, who’s « All World Files » and why it’s important? Is that a company active within the ecosystem?


Maybe first introduce “All World Files Corp, a Wyoming corporation.” and what it does on/for IC. I saw you are frequently posting questions, but never heard of this “corporation”.

Edit: completed .


All World Files is a startup. The name was after the first project (that failed because Google indexed the site too slowly): displaying the Arweave archive framed and with ads. Now All World Files corp is used as the owner of another project, social network Zon on IC that organizes everything into folders and items. (BTW, accepting investment.) Zon source uses NacDB, a distributed database being developed by me, to amend CanDB. Unlike CanDB that does not have seamless enumeration facility of the DB, NacDB allows to organize items into ordered collections that can be effectively enumerated (used for items in Zon or, for example, for collections of grants in a donations software). As soon as you need to enumerate any kinds of objects and you aren’t sure that all objects will fit inside one canister, you need NacDB.

So, yes, it is a startup producing OSS for the ICP ecosystem.