Who, how and how much pays to node providers?

  • As far as I know node providers are payed in ICPs. Are those ICPs automatically minted by some protocol or Difinity has an ability to mint them manually?
  • Using info from the dashboard, I calculated that node providers’ reward is pegged to USD or SDR, not ICP (the lower ICP price, the bigger their reward in ICP). So node providers receive about 1.5 mln USD each month. Are my estimates correct?
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Thank you. This is exactly what I was thinking about! One question is left.

  • Are node providers’ rewards minted automatically or manually by Dfinity?

As it is something every month, surely it is automated. But I can’t confirm it…

Yes, correct this is automated.


When are node rewards distributed?

Ah never mind, the proposal is created on the 14th of each month. Proposal: 54781 - IC Dashboard

Wait… the last node provider reward proposal was in June of this year? How about the other proposals for July and after? Proposal: 65056 - IC Dashboard

Hi @jzxchiang the payout of node provider rewards has been automated in the middle of this year.

You can monitor the payouts to node providers over time on the IC dashboard here

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Thank you, this answers my question!

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