Who Are XP.Network

XP.NETWORK in a nutshell

In the 21st century, E-commerce platforms have removed the boundaries between countries, and digital trade has become an integral part of life for billions of people. This new technology was beneficial for consumers, producers, and suppliers alike. Around 2008, the implementation of blockchain technology opened new horizons to the world. Crypto finance, identity management, verifiable ownership of digital assets, distributed storage, and much more became available to the users. Secured by a decentralized governance system, the most democratic guarantor of fairness and transparency, this technology is inclusive and safe by its very architecture.

Every blockchain has its benefits and drawbacks and occupies its niche. Some are secure but computationally expensive and slow, like Bitcoin. Several networks are super popular but sometimes have unpredictable transaction times and are too expensive, like Ethereum. Many ledgers are blazingly fast and cheap but lack the required community of content creators and users. Some are flooded with sophisticated dApps and assets worth millions of dollars. Others are too young to have developed the necessary infrastructure and struggle to attract users to their highly innovative discoveries. However, most blockchains are built and maintained as sovereign isolated islands. Each one has its currency and an ecosystem of dApps, utilities, and users completely detached from the achievements and discoveries of the other chains. Different programming and smart contract languages accompanied by incompatible token standards became the impenetrable barriers preventing seasoned developers from building cross-chain solutions.

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated blockchain enthusiasts working on unifying the NFT ecosystem across different network protocols, programming, and smart contract languages, as well as token standards.

Our team comprises:

  • Bright business leaders and visionaries

  • Experienced blockchain, backend, and frontend developers

  • Shrewd security and DevOps professionals

  • Talented graphic designers

  • Numerous blockchain technology advocates who are helping us reach and hear every community member supporting the project.

What we do

We build software tools that enable experienced developers and non-coding blockchain community members to move their assets seamlessly and intuitively between versatile distributed ledgers. By doing so, we encourage unlimited growth of exchange and trade between otherwise isolated ecosystems. We enable them to enrich each other technologically with insights and discoveries. To gain access to new, previously inaccessible markets with users hungry for fresh ideas and technologies to invest in.

What we stand for

Non-discrimination: Blockchains should not discriminate against less experienced or less popular partners by ignoring them or building obstacles preventing the free flow of assets or banning access for other chains or dApps to their infrastructure.

Open Trade: Removing barriers should inevitably encourage trade; this includes free asset transformation from one standard to another, free logic transfers from one smart contract language to another, and free cryptocurrency conversion at any moment.

Transparency & predictability: The blockchain market participants should be confident that their assets can travel freely and safely to an arbitrary chain and behave the same way as a native one would. It means that the chain explorers, wallets, and dApps should ‘see’ and correctly display foreign assets, enjoying the same opportunities and benefits the native assets do.

Fair competition: The unified cross-chain ecosystem community should discourage:

  • “unfair” practices such as:

  • inbound asset transfers subsidies and

  • dumping assets minting at below-cost rates to gain market share

  • Issuing:

  • prohibitive rules

  • and complex asset standards

Inclusion: The unified cross-chain ecosystem should encourage more:

  • women

  • non-coder content creators

  • users from developing countries with only mobile access to participate in creating and trading across multiple chains

  • owners of only one cryptocurrency in one crypto wallet.

Partnerships: We strongly believe, encourage, engage and lead long-lasting and mutually beneficial dialogs and business partnerships between:

  • blockchains

  • dApps

  • NFT projects

  • online NFT based games

  • multiverses.

It is the most efficient way to rapidly exchange and acquire new insights, technologies, and developments among the global blockchain community bringing knowledge and prosperity to all the daring entrepreneurs across the globe.


Our Interoperability protocols comprise the following components:

  • XP.NETWORK Bridge

  • XP.NETWORK Token

Our groundbreaking technology has several advantages:

  • We support a wide range of EVM and Non-EVM protocols at once

  • The intuitive interface of the applications ensures a pleasant user experience

  • We have developed a cross-chain NFT listing tool

  • Our JavaScript API library allows partnered dApps to use our instruments from any programming language behind the scenes (TypeScript, Python, C#, Java, C++, Swift, etc.)

  • We work with multiple token standards and conveniently convert one standard to another while transferring assets across networks.

  • We allow our users to select the tokens they want to pay the transaction fees with, taking the burden of currency conversion.

  • We support transfers in batches to save on transaction fees.

  • We have set up a layered security system around our solutions to provide maximal protection of the assets of our users.

  • We allow transferring NFTs with the smart contract logic they had in the original chain.

  • Our Aggregator provides access to multiple EVM & Non-EVM chain-based NFTs on one intuitive, user-friendly platform.

  • We collect and share chain, collection, and individual NFT statistics.