Where's the flippin link. lol

don’t get me wrong I love this whole thing.
But for god sakes i am just trying to set-up 2 devices before I move/stake ICP because I break a phone a year just about.
So I have my phone set-up, got a ledger X trying to figure out how to use it/bind it with chrome etc.

My biggest problem is finding the f***** url for the NNS login.
I saved it when I found it (//identiy.ic0.app/), but that keep getting a canister not found error.
And god help me for some reason this URL is like a needle in a haystack to find .
Tons of helps, support articles on what to do, but 99% dont have an actual link to the login.

Also - I’m sure I’m a moron and it’s somewhere obvious… so just bear with me.


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Thank you sir.
When I “logged in” this was the url where I entered the actual # so I assumed it was the one that is the… login…

That’s right: https://identity.ic0.app/

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really weird
I open the link I posted and get “Could not find the canister ID.”
When I right-click/copy address from MY link I get…

I open the link you posted and it works
When I right-click/copy address from YOUR link I get… the same thing?..

Do you get a problem when you click on the link I posted?

Yes - the second ‘t’ is missing in the original link.

Gah! sorry , my dyslexia for the win there i think. - very odd.
that link was saved by saving as a favorite so no idea how it became incorrect.

if I could give you all back the time you wasted on this I would.


All good - glad everything’s working.