Where'd the Motoko base library documentation go?

Pretty sure the documentation used to include a nicely generated list of all the base library modules, but now this site just contains a link to the code. Where did the list of generated module docs go?

I can still find the individual module docs by searching for the module, for example HashMap, but where did the list of all the modules go? That was useful for discovery of and quick reference to the base modules.

They’re not visible in the navigation anymore for some reason but I can still find then in the search bar.

Like Array :: Internet Computer . Hope this helps before you can get a more official answer.

Thanks for the feedback Mike, I think this might be coming back, @lsgunn ?

The Motoko base library documentation is automatically generated from the source but incorporated into the SDK website so that it is part of the Search index. Previously, the navigation for this section was manually hand-coded, though, which meant it could easily get out of sync as new modules are added or consolidated.
In updating the site to provide more modular navigation, we removed the manually generated navigation.
The good news is that we now have the list of modules for navigation automatically generated, so I can add it back into the main left navigation bar.
The switch to the auto-generated navigation is now live.

Thanks for your patience (and kudos for noticing for quickly!) as we iterate to improve the doc available and your overall dev experience.

Feel free to reach out with comments and suggestions any time!


Thanks, guys! I probably could have been a little more patient, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I see that the docs/links are back now in all their auto-generated glory!