Where should I request PR to fix dfinity/experimental-minting-tool repo?

Recently, I’ve been trying to issue nft following this YouTube video, but the minting-tool referenced by example/README isn’t working properly, so I requested PR but I got this message below.

To solve this problem, I requested pr to open contribution on dfinity/repositories-open-to-contributions. But It also blocked, message below.

Where should I request to fix this issues?

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AFAIK @AdamS wrote the tool. I’ll ping him to see if he knows how to proceed

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Hello! Apologies for not responding to the earlier issue, the notification setup on that repository didn’t seem to survive the transfer to the dfinity namespace. I’ve fixed the issue (and should have probably specified --locked when I first wrote it, as that would have prevented the issue). I’ll also add it to the list of external-contribution-friendly repos.


@AdamS Thank you so much for your quick response to my question. It helped me a lot.