Contributing with Examples

Hi all, examples/rust at master · dfinity/examples · GitHub has just a few examples, I would like to contribute with the comunity pushing some there, but it is not possible yet.

I think dfinity is missing oportunity to make this community grow.


Good suggestion.

For a bit of context… Every repo that is open goes through security review. This extra step means that folks who manage repos don’t always shepherd the repo through the process to open them up.

In this case, this repo has many owners at Dfinity and i think no one has asked for a security review to open up, probably because it was never important enough… and eventually folks forgot.

I will ask internally if we can open it up and go through the steps.



Yes, you can submit pull requests!

@ais and I are officially now owning the repo. Please beware, we will still review submissions to make sure there are no possible security issues, but feel free to make PRs!


Thats awesome, thanks!