What's the closest thing to Decentralized DNS today?

I know ICP DNS has been an ongoing discussion/roadmap item, but it’s not clear what is recommended to use?

Main Concern: I want to move my site to some visually appealing domain that doesn’t require a centralized DNS (Godaddy/Namecheap/etc.). Ideally, this is permanent so no owner/custodian can remove it at any point in the future, and user principals are fixed without the need to use alternative origins.

ENS, or other wallet-based DNS qualify (if buying the domain for centuries and burning the keys), but ENS doesn’t support IC canisters as the ‘content hash’ or CNAME records. Is it possible to link and ENS name as the origin of an IC frontend?

https://3dns.box/ seems to be one such d-DNS with ICANN-approval, but is closed-source and unestablished so longevity is questionable.

Is there another option I’m missing? I’m confused how builders handle this. Are all our SNS DAO homepages just managed in people’s Godaddy accounts?