Whats are the Canisters?

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In past 2 years i bought some T Cycles ( i can said that with mistake) but i want to know what i can do with them?
Can be sold?
If you have T Cycles, have you any benefit from it in NNS?

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Hello Yashar, We know each other from other platforms, It’s good to connect with you on this platform too! Regarding your inquiry about Trillion Cycles, these are a fundamental unit within the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Canisters on this platform are akin to smart contracts or applications, and they’re built using WebAssembly. These canisters have the unique ability to call other canisters and access external data through HTTP outcalls.

Cycles themselves don’t offer direct benefits like dividends or interest. Instead, their value lies in enabling the creation and operation of canisters. You need them to deploy canisters on the network and to supply these canisters with the computational resources they require for processing transactions, managing data, and executing various operations. In essence, holding Cycles is essential for anyone who is developing or running applications on the Internet Computer, as they are the fuel that powers these canisters.

Though not primarily an investment asset, Cycles are indispensable for operational purposes within the ICP ecosystem. Their utility in running canisters may make them a resource of interest to other developers or users who need these for their projects.

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need assistance with your canister projects!

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Hi bro
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Mersi behrad,
Nice to see you here and thanks for explanation.

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