What wrong with The ICNS Website?

I just headed to the ICNS website today, to renew my Domain Name.
Seems like something is wrong with the renewal portal as it keeps loading forever.
Here’s a screenshot of the issue I am facing👇

@chepreghy @kpeacock Sers is there anything you guys can do about this?

Hey @ishaaqziyan

I think their canister is out of cycles (at least it was a while ago): https://twitter.com/isaac_icp/status/1687287905633341440?t=QracSWb3YN9LdRI75ROa7g&s=19

Hi Ser!
Hope you are doing great and thanks for the reply.
Do you mind clarifying which ICP domain name service will be better If I have an idea to deploy a website on the IC?
Should I switch to IC Naming, as I don’t see active developments happening on ICNS.

I think ICNS is dead - one of their canisters has been uninstalled

Does anybody know who is maintaining this project?

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Hi ser,
It’s been long since I heard back from you and hope you are doing great :slight_smile:
Noted with thanks.
Can you confirm whether I can use my .IC domain as a custom domain?

I know the development of Plug was picked up by the Funded team after the Psychedelics team left the IC.

But haven’t heard of anyone picking up the ICNS.

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I did some more research into it & learned that allegedly this team took over the project;


However, they seemingly also have had no development activity in the previous months.