Reimagine and Rebuild the ICP Customized AI-enabled Dynamic Economics!The economic base determines the superstructure!Avoiding death spiral!

Let’s continue to discuss and explore these solutions in more detail or address any specific aspects you have in mind regarding the ICP token economics.

Research and Analysis : Conduct in-depth research and analysis of the current token economics and its potential shortcomings. Identify areas where adjustments can be made to mitigate or solve death spiral risks and enhance long-term sustainability.

Collaboration: Collaborate with other ecosystem and experts in the field to gather insights and best practices for designing sustainable token economics.
For example:(SNS1 and Dragginz),(COINBASE, BASE, Optimism ,USDC ,and more)

Live Monitoring and Adjusting: Continuously monitoring the token’s performance and adjusting tokenomics as needed to maintain stability and avoid inflationary or deflationary pressures.

Ecosystem Expansion : Focus on expanding the Internet Computer ecosystem by attracting more demands,developers, users, and applications. A growing ecosystem can help balance token supply and demand.

Community Engagement: Actively involving the ICP community in discussions and decision-making regarding token economics can lead to more informed and widely accepted solutions.

Token Burn Mechanism: Implementing a token burn mechanism where a portion of tokens is regularly removed from circulation can help reduce inflationary pressures.

AI-enabled Governance: Enhancing the governance structure to allow token holders to have a more significant say in decisions related to token economics can promote transparency and trust.

Economic Modeling: Conducting thorough economic modeling and analysis to understand the potential impact of various changes to token economics before implementing them.

Staking and Delegation: Exploring ways to incentivize long-term token holding through staking and delegation mechanisms can help stabilize the token economy.

Education and Communication: Communicate the proposed changes effectively to the community, developers, and stakeholders. Address concerns and provide clear reasoning for the adjustments.

Diversify Use Cases: Encourage the development of various use cases on the Internet Computer to drive demand for the ICP token, thereby reducing the risk of inflation.

External Audits: Consider third-party audits of the token economics to ensure transparency and credibility.

More and more are waiting for us to explore and build together!


Beautiful, couldn’t have said it better myself. I think all aspects of tokenomics should be variables under the oversight of nns governance. Transaction fees, cost of proposals, compensation to node providers and neurons, cycles obtained by burning ICP, and more.

All of this should be discussed, researched, and governed. The original values may not be serving our investors.


Customized and Targeted Economics: the Increasingly strong need for flexibility and adaptability in addressing complex and evolving issues within the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Due to various complex and changing situations such as various reasons, IC‘s involving breadth and depth, intricate interests and needs, ever-changing developments and innovations, etc.Special issues need to be dealt with in a special manner by using NNS or others.Just like IC’s different subnets , Autonomous or Experimental regions of each country. Referring to and combining with All kinds of problem handling mechanisms for difficult and painful problems or non-performing assets, so as to alleviate or solve the problems efficiently while meeting the ever-changing needs.After small-scale practice and experimentation, effective or appropriate customization can be promoted and applied

Specialized Handling of Complex Issues: The evolving nature of the ICP ecosystem, driven by various factors, diverse interests, and rapid developments, necessitates a nuanced approach to problem-solving . Some key points to consider Including but not limited to:

  1. Various Factors: The example of ( 2017 Seed Round bought 25% supply at 3 cents by @dominicwilliams )can impact the current token economics. NNS could be used to address issues related to these historical allocations
    For example(Explore more continuously updated mechanisms to Encourage purchases and holding, Increase use cases( swap ICP to RWA, swap RWA to ICP), Assets interchange reorganization,Reduce market circulation, Delay neuron unlocking or reduce rewards and obtain other forms of rewards (RWA, etc), Easter egg…)

  2. Breadth and Depth of IC: Internet Computer projects can vary significantly in scale and complexity. NNS can be tailored to provide specific support or incentives to different objects based on their unique needs.

  3. Innovation and Development: As the ICP ecosystem continues to innovate and evolve, NNS can adapt by introducing new governance proposals and economic adjustments to support innovation and ensure the network’s long-term health.

  4. All kinds of Problem Handling Mechanisms: Drawing inspiration from all kinds of models, such as how different regions or states handle unique issues within a country, NNS or others can apply a similar approach within the ICP ecosystem. This might involve creating specialized governance subcommittees or mechanisms for specific problems.

  5. Alignment with Ever-Changing Needs: The flexibility of NNS allows it to respond to changing circumstances and emerging challenges. It can be used to reallocate resources, adjust incentives, or implement policies tailored to specific situations.


Can you establish a target date for an NNS proposal to this point of the discussion, to at least raise more community awareness of the growing necessity for this inflationary control, if not have it approved ?

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Thank you for your participation

Given the complexity and importance of addressing problems, I don’t think it will be better to rush the proposal’s submission. And one proposal cannot solve thees problems,so it’s difficult to provide an exact target date.There are more feasible and effective ways to raise more community awareness!

Instead, prioritize thorough Research and Analysis, Community engagement, Collaboration and Building a strong consensus and base for theese problems and solotions!

Recommended Reading
Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence Series - Artificial Intelligence: Building intelligences adapted to complex environments + Governance of Artificial Intelligence: A new paradigm based on blockchain + Secret Realm Search for Superiority: Search methods in Artificial Intelligence + Fusion and Communication: Intelligent motion control systems + Brain-like Intelligent Robots

At present, no English version of the book has been found.
You can translate and try to trial read online
Looking forward to helping us!

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Proposal to stake some of OpenChat’s ICP to earn voting rewards


@dominicwilliams @zire @Jan @domwoe @emmaperetti @diegop @NeutronStarPRO and Other may related


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If we cannot (make money,KILL Centralization and MORE)
Developers cannot sustainably use CANISTER for a long time, then we CANNOT DO other forms of decentralization, infinity, and MORE!

@dominicwilliams @Jan @zire @diegop @domwoe ……