Web Dapp for MATLAB scripts

Milestone pitch video: MatJ milestone pitch video - YouTube

This project aims to make it easier for users to execute Matlab scripts on their computers, tablets, or phones through a browser. It is open-source and always free.

Although it cannot completely replace Matlab, it offers some of its most commonly used features in a fast and convenient way, and the system resources required are very lightweight, with a total of less than 5MB.

So far, most linear algebra functions have been implemented, which can be used for mathematics teaching in universities, as well as some social features for sharing and rewarding.

IC has all the features necessary for this project, which focuses on front-end computing, and requires a server to store code and social data. IC’s user authentication, payment methods, and web services are tailored for this project.

As an independent developer based in Shanghai, China, I am looking to find friends to help make this product into a lovable and valuable tool. I am willing to give most of the product ownership to a DAO to operate.