We miss you @diegop

Just wanted to say with all the spam proposal drama recently, that we miss you @diegop!

Haven’t seen you in a few weeks, and miss your presence in the community on the forums. Hope you are enjoying your time off (you’re on PTO, right? :sweat_smile:).

It just hasn’t been the same without being able to tag you and receive a quick response, or have your amazing posts providing transparency or insights into a question that we all have in the community.

You really are Everything Everywhere All at Once :slight_smile:, and one of the reasons I gained confidence and started developing for the IC in the first place.

Looking forward to having you back!


Oh boy I just opened my inbox for the first time in a few weeks (I was off all email, social media to enjoy the offline world), and I found this post.

To answer your question:

  1. Yes, I have been out on PTO last few weeks (haha not sure how that got around :stuck_out_tongue:).

  2. I am back on and fully recharged as of tomorrow Monday April 25.