Warning: ICOrcle and their token is a scam

Hello I made this account because of Dom’s recent tweet, https://twitter.com/dominic_w/status/1588238907124097024. He promoting ICLight.house which if fine, but the link is to the OT/ICP trading pair. I believe the OT token, ICOrcle’s token is scam. I’m worried people will click the link and trade their ICP for useless tokens.

Here is my reasoning:

  1. ICOrcle website’s disclaimer text is tiny and the color blends in with the background. I can’t find any info about any real people behind the project.
  2. Their twitter was made in August 2022.
  3. Their GitHub repo is empty. There is no relevant code about oracles and data feeds, just a readme and their token. Why make a token, when you have nothing to show for it?

Below are the links to their stuff:
Website: https://cfhuv-raaaa-aaaak-aczha-cai.raw.ic0.app/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/icoracle_io
GitHub: GitHub - eleven-cat/ICOracle: Decentralized oracle network on IC blockchain.


Yeah man ,I also noticed something smells around OT.
Also,if ICP proved oracles are obsolete ,why then ICoracle project and OT token?

Good info, thanks for sharing!

Ok Would someone from the dfinity or icl team put some clarity on this issue? I had seen a paper that Mr Sommers supposedly edited about https outcalls via ICOracle token but it seems like a grift. I reached out via the ICOracle website but no response.

Why would Dom shill a dex listing scams? I can’t believe it and I want to believe that this token will be linked to the upcoming Bitcoin integration

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The code seems to be here:

Yes I saw that. Fresh Git, one contributor, no doxed team. I know some alpha about OGY and their biometric luxe market launch but OT seems to good ri be true