Wallet canister interface

where can we find the wallet canister interface?

i tried throwing the canister id at the candid ui, but it resulted in an error
An error happened in Candid canister: Error: Cannot fetch candid file at Object.fetchActor (https://a4gq6-oaaaa-aaaab-qaa4q-cai.raw.ic0.app/index.js:2:283106) at async https://a4gq6-oaaaa-aaaab-qaa4q-cai.raw.ic0.app/index.js:2:289093

For non-Motoko canisters, the candid UI requires a .did file
The wallet’s interface file isn’t publicly available yet. Until then, the rust agent has bindings to the wallet defined here: agent-rs/wallet.rs at next · dfinity/agent-rs · GitHub


We will need an official place to publish did files. For now, I have a copy here: ic-repl/wallet.did at master · chenyan2002/ic-repl · GitHub.


I’m working on an app to publish and view canister interfaces. Is there a didc JS library so I can generate JS/TS bindings from did files client-side?

You can compile didc to Wasm. Candid UI also has a did_to_js endpoint.

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I see, but how do I use the Wasm file? Is there a JS implementation of the system API?

didc is a serialization library, it doesn’t know system API. You can compile a normal Wasm from Rust without the System API exports, and run it in the browser.

Got it working, PR here: