Can the CANDID UI be accessed once deployed to the IC

So maybe Im thinking about this in the wrong way, but originally i developed my application website with the expectation to access the CANDID UI once it was deployed to the IC, to sort of ADMIN the website in realtime (make changes to data in backend and update things with the UI), however this is not possible? i assigned the CANDID UI to a canister and loaded it up with cycles, is that unnecessary? since you cannot access it anymore once it is on the IC.
Thanks for any clarification, Im new to these concepts:)

You can access Candid UI on the IC with this url:

You can make calls to the canister, but it doesn’t give you “admin” access, because it’s using the anonymous identity.


Thank you for that, and to be clear theres no need to assign my CANDID UI to a unique canister when i deploy?

No. Candid UI is a generic canister that works for all canisters.

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