Video streaming from the blockchain

Was this ever released to the public? ^


This already works on “raw” connections. See or Portal Player A sample project is here: GitHub - krpeacock/video_test: Testing existing video functionality for the asset canister with dfx 0.8.3
More support is in the works.


That github you linked is from 8 months ago, but the tweet I referenced was from 4 months ago. I wonder what has changed since then.


We put several changes into the service worker that should make it into production very soon. It’s part of a much bigger effort that’s why it took so long.


Check out, full videos streaming in multiple bitrates straight from the IC. Soon each channel will have its own SNS, in addition to the current functionality like royalty token splits, NFT minting functionality for Channel Passes (unlocks all videos on the channel) and NFT series consisting of videos split into individual frames (for example, a series of 1k made up of 1k of the frames of the latest video release) which can also be used to unlock specific videos.

Also, pre-existing NFTs will function as access keys as well. Set your videos to unlock when the user has a BTCFlower or Poked Bot.

We’re hoping to soft launch at the end of next month

Edit: We also just switched to using the Rust certified_assets canister since they added the ability to set headers a few days ago, so we will be serving the video chunks with the certificate that can be validated by the service worker


Where can I find more details about these changes? Is there any documentation on it?