Vessel Installation


It’s been a while since I haven’t used vessel but I tried it yesterday.

So first point:
In order to install Releases · dfinity/vessel · GitHub the only guide is this Download a copy of the vessel binary [from the release page]( or build one yourself which is a bit poor.
So in order to get it I had to run:

  1. wget
  2. chmod +x vessel-linux64
  3. ./vessel-linux64

Simple enough but it would be good to be in the README

Second point:
I noticed the files from the release are not .dmg or .deb so you can’t install them. so in order to run vessel you have to keep a copy in your project root

So if you have more projects you need to keep a copy in each one of them

And the last point:
Previously I had a package-set.json and a vessel.json but it seems that’s not working anymore and you need a package-set.dhall and a vessel.dhall now.

That’s fine but I can’t make it work so my package-set.dhall is

and my vessel.dhall is

{ dependencies = [ "base", "matchers" ], compiler = None Text }
but I get this error:

any help is appreciated

That might be coming from the motoko-matchers package, which has a package-set.dhall itself. This will have a let upstream = ... line at the top where you’ll see the hash it’s checking against.

Did you run vessel init to generate the package-set.dhall for your project first? This should include an upstream entry pointing at kritzcreek’s package set repo instead, try that version and/or working your way up from there.


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Yeah that’s what I did, I didn’t even changed the files generated by init.
Note: I’m on dfx 0.7.0-beta.3 so they might not be compatible yet

Seems like this has been fixed with this PR `upgrade-set` generates wrong sha256 · Issue #28 · dfinity/vessel · GitHub
Thanks @kritzcreek

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