Should I be importing from .vessel when using vessel?

I used vessel to install a package and it created .vessel/ directory where I can import the dependency like:
import package "../.vessel/package/main/src/package";
Is this the advised way to do this?
One drawback seems that if I want to use a testing pipeline with:
moc --package base $(dfx cache show)/base --check src/main/, it will fail unless I commit the entire .vessel directory, which doesn’t seem ideal.

No, the trick is to tell dfx that you are using vessel and then you can use import M "mo:package/Module".

See step 4 of the README at GitHub - dfinity/vessel: Simple package management for Motoko.


Warning: the default vessel-package-set provided when you run vessel init in your project will override the motoko-base you were using before.

Before installing vessel, you were using the motoko-base provided by your dfx installation in $(dfx cache show).

After installing vessel, you are using a (likely) older version of motoko-base specified in the default vessel-package-set, which is from dfx v0.8.1.

That may or may not be what you want.

Here are two solutions:

  1. Manually specify the latest motoko-base version (or some later version you want) in package-set.dhall using the git tag in the overrides array
  2. Remove the default base and matchers dependencies from vessel.dhall, so your vessel.dhall file now looks like:
  dependencies = [] : List Text,
  compiler = None Text
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