Urgent Need for Rollback Functionality in IC Canister Deployments

The need for a rollback feature when deploying IC canisters has become apparent. #KING’s potential rugpull, where the developer alleges a mistake, emphasizes this urgency. More details here: Have you seen the ways in which defi projects in icp run away?


@domwoe, I think you mentioned a project that will work like this, right?

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If the canisters are controlled by a single entity, then you are always trusting that party. If they are honest, then they need to do backup and restore to resolve such mistakes. There’s work planned on the IC to make this easier, by allowing to take snapshots.

In order to prohibit random upgrades, and allow your users to verify the upgrade before its executed (and potentially let the user exit), you can use a mechanism like Launchtrail.


Should be easy to setup a staging env. I mean you should push to staging once you have users to make sure u don’t wipe data.

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