Urgent Collaboration on a Minimum Viable Fungible Token Standard

Most of use understand the major benefits of coming to agreement on a fungible token standard. We have the opportunity as a community to do this now. There have been various teams independently creating their own standards, and I’m sure we’ve thought through and learned a lot.

Please join with me and others in the next few weeks as we try to concert our efforts and truly codify and agree on a minimum viable fungible token standard.

Join the Ledger & Tokenization Technical Working Group today and every week hereafter until we come to an agreement. We should take this opportunity to hash out all of our concerns and come to consensus for the good of the community. Here’s the meeting link for today: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Also get involved right now with the agreed-upon design. We’re using this Google Doc to leave comments on what should be included in the minimum viable fungible token standard: IC Ledger Standard - Google Docs

With a few weeks of concerted effort I hope we can all come to an agreement on a solid base to move forward together. Please help.


When is the zoom call?

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