Uploading to the webpack network

Are there examples of webpack configuration in react typescript project? I have everything ready, but I stopped at this obstacle, I simply cannot pour frontend into the IC network. My Webstorm environment (IDE) I normally assembled the project in the build folder is it possible to upload via dfx directly?

1)Let’s say I built a project in the build (frontend) folder
2)I filled the backend code into the IC separately
3)I point the canister and the build folder to dfx or in some other way and pour it into the frontend network.

Maybe it can be done in workarounds via fleek?

Maybe someone will be interested. If you have problems with building in webpack due to internal npm dependencies, or you want to save on cycles and you don’t have any subline checks. You can fill in frontend via fleek, and the server part according to the standard scenario. Yes, you will lose control of the web, but the server part will be under your control. This is a small hack, but it hasn’t been covered up yet)