Upgrade SNS-Controlled Canister executed but canister wasm not upgraded


We have an issue where our main canister is not being upgraded even after a proposal executed. We just executed proposal 41 with wasm hash 383a0260ef2ef75e13c251e75a346597e4f741680fe9f7583d4b111d653970f5 but the wasm hash that is deployed is from proposal 36 0x310beb78dd5aebeaa8653161ba34c6180244c6e4a361541861a4aa8657fa31fa

Here are the two proposals:

How can we find out what went wrong during the upgrade to resolve the issue?

If you can reproduce the issue on a local replica, then you should see some errors in the local replica logs.

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Thank you we have determined the issue is a missing argument in our proposal creation script.

Failed to create argument blob.