Upcoming Yuku DAO SNS Decentralization Sale

Hello everyone,

We are preparing for the upcoming launch of Yuku DAO on the SNS. This marks a significant advancement in our endeavors at Yuku AI Web3 Platform.

What’s Yuku AI Web3 Platform?

Yuku is not just a platform, it is a vibrant ecosystem that empowers individuals to participate in the evolution of the 3D space, fostering ownership, creativity, and community in the digital landscape. In the Yuku AI Web3 platform users will experience a deeply interactive and personalized virtual space, where 3D Space, AI Avatars, and NFT aggregator collectively build a rich and diverse digital ecosystem.

Yuku AI Web3 Platform Core Features and Use Cases

3D Space

Yuku provides a platform for various activities and events such as lectures, academic seminars, community events and e-commerce, embracing a wide range of interactive forms.

Education demo video
Metaverse event demo video
E-commerce demo video

AI Avatar

Users can customize their AI avatars based on their interests, styles, and personal preferences. This includes selecting elements such as appearance, clothing, hairstyles, etc., allowing users to showcase their unique style in the Yuku AI Web3 platform.

Demo video

NFT Management

Promotes diverse displays, including art galleries, luxury and fashion showcases, and museum exhibitions.

Demo video

Brief of Yuku DAO SNS Parameters

Brief of Yuku DAO Tokenomics

See more details in our whitepaper, and try our product.

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Is Yumi a separate platform? Any plans for Yuku to be able to sell RWA NFT’s similar to Yumi?

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1- Yes, Yuku is as a DAO. A community owned NFT and Metaverse platform as such, it operates independently from Yumi.
2- Currently, Yuku does not offer RWA NFTs. However, should the community request and approve it, Yuku could potentially offer RWA NFTs.
Please let us know if our response adequately addressed your question.


Thank you so much, we do appreciate your support!


This would be an excellent addition to the ICP SNS ecosystem :metal::smile:


Wow, amazing! So glad to see the biggest IC metaverse project launching SNS. What is the plan for the cross-chain? Would Yuku token be bridged to other blockchains?


Yes, we have a cross-chain plan outlined in Yuku’s roadmap as detailed in our whitepaper 2024 Q3.
Yuku tokens can potentially be bridged to Ethereum and Bitcoin using Chain-Key Technology or the Bitfinity Network. However, this process is subject to approval by the DAO in the future.


How are credit points converted? How many tokens are in 1 credit? @YUKU


Hi there! Yuku tokens and NFTs will be regularly airdropped to those holding Yuku credit. After receiving these rewards, the Yuku credit is reset back to zero. As for the conversion rate, it has yet to be determined. If you’d like to learn more, you can refer to Yuku’s Tokenomics. Here is the Whitepaper.


Thanks a lot for DFINITY Foundation and ICP community’s feedback, Yuku DAO updated SNS Swap percentage from “12%” to “17%”. For the detail, please refer to our whitepaper V1.1.


How are you guys planning the token burn, It seems you are burning 5% tokens in the year 0, How do you guys allocate this percentage?


Hello, I couldn’t find anything regarding who the development team is. Will you be providing any information on any of the founding/future team members?

Will individuals from the United States be geo-blocked from participating in the SNS sale?

I have tried to use the Yuku app multiple times and have ran into multiple bugs. I emailed Contact@yuku.app as well as sent a message on X weeks ago and never received responses from either place. Will there be any changes to the dapp prior to the SNS sale or will it stay in the current state until after launch?



Hi Bugslayer, thank you for your questions. Yuku has accumulated quite some ICP revenue over the last 3 years. All these revenue will be used to buy back Yuku tokens and burn. Note that there is very low inflation rate of 0.1%. The revenue generated from NFT marketplace and metaverse space fee will be used to buy back and burn Yuku tokens, leading to a persistent deflation of the Yuku token.


Yea, it would be so nice to have yuku in the sns, its a promising project.


Yuku has just unveiled a brand new page on our official website, introducing our groundbreaking AI Avatar feature! :robot::sparkles:

Dive into the future of social interaction and personalization with our cutting-edge AI technology. :sparkles:

:point_right: Check out the details here.



Yuku has just unveiled a brand new page on our official website, introducing our groundbreaking AI Avatar feature!
Dive into the future of social interaction and personalization with our cutting-edge AI technology.

:point_right: Check out the details here.


Hello everyone, I am Jason, the product manager of Yuku. Thank you very much for your support of Yuku. In the last couple of months, the Yuku team has been busy with the merging and development of the NFT market and the Metaverse. Meanwhile, the AI team has been working on the AI Avatar, which will be released soon. Of course It’s still in the testing phase. I asked our team’s community manager to check the mailbox. I’m sorry to see your feedback landed in the spam email. We are always working hard to improve Yuku’s user experience. At the same time, we will open a feedback window. You can make your suggestions to the Yuku team through Twitter, Telegram, email, etc as well. Once adopted, we will give you Yuku points, which can be exchanged for Yuku tokens in the future.


Thank you very much for your support of Yuku


Good news. Do I understand correctly that you are no longer awarding Yuku credits to users?


Hi Avocado, thank you for your questions. Users keep receiving Yuku credit for trading on Yuku. At the same time, we are adding more ways to earn credit so that more ICP users can earn Yuku credit.