UPCOMING: Proposals to allow Custom ICRC token Import in the NNS

Old thread deleted, recreating this for discussion purposes:
Previous points:

  • @chepreghy shared the following methodology for using an experimental feature to do this:

“1. Open the console by right clicking on the page, inspect element, and selecting the console tab
Paste this into the console on the bottom __experimentalAddIcrc1Token(ledgerCanisterId, indexCanisterId); and add the cansiter ids in quotes (index canister is optional to see TX history). You might be prompted to explicitly write ‘allow paste’ to confirm.
Press enter, and you will see your ICRC token.
Transfer tokens out to a wallet that supports ICRC tokens just like you would any supported token
Important to note:

If you reload the page, or log out, this token will disappear (you can add it again later the same way)
Never add any token you don’t trust. Use established DEXs to make sure that the ledger canister token id is correct.
Token names are not validated for uniqueness, another ledger can claim to be called ckBTC or any other SNS token“

But failing a user doing this to retrieve lost tokens, it seems difficult. I think a new method, similar to the “add subaccount” function should be created to hide imported tokens but still have them be there and retrievable.


What happened to the old thread?

My account was disabled for the motoko thread. It’s ok.

To expound on this newly revealed method, do you suppose there is a way to make a dap that interacts with the II like this? To streamline custom importation.

I wonder if this could be configured to work with nfts which have been sent to an II address.

I really do think a sub wallet should be integrated into the nns though.

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Plus the video that shows these steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASl04ZoN03k