Upcoming Modclub SNS decentralization sale

Hi everyone,

Modclub launched a proposal to allow Modclub to Resume SNS Token Swap Proposal after multiple OpenSnsTokenSwap bug fix is implemented.

This NNS proposal is to enable Modclub to resume our SNS Token Swap Proposal where we were interrupted by the NNS bug.

On Monday August 7th, Modclub discovered a bug in the NNS which allowed multiple proposals to be live simultaneously, this should not have been possible.

Modclub was to proceed with proposal 123929, which would have been successfully closed by Thursday August 10th, at 8:40 am EST. But when the additional proposals were rejected an automatic cleanup mechanism was triggered, and our SNS was put into an invalid state.

As a result Modclub had to restart the whitelisting process to resume the SNS Swap Proposal. This whitelisting has been successfully executed for Proposal 123956.

For more details on the NNS bug and the mechanisms that rendered our existing swap proposal invalid, please read Dfinitys forum post here.

Modclub Team