Unlocking potential of ETH in ckETH canister

What are your thoughts on minting ckETH?
Currently, the total collateral in ckETH is 296.8344 ETH, and these assets are consolidated within a single canister.

Utilizing this ETH for staking could generate income through PoS and enhance decentralization by distributing nodes across multiple canisters within the Internet Computer.

However, there are considerations with the Beacon Chain’s operation. A notable one is the delayed withdrawal of funds. Additionally, running a node independently (with 32 ETH) likely comes with specific technical requirements, apart from using staking providers.

From my perspective as an end-user, the concept of minting ckETH is less appealing due to the potential earnings from staking that remain unrealized.

In contrast, with ckBTC, the situation is ideal. It aligns perfectly with my DCA (Dollar cost average) financial strategy, especially since BTC, operating under PoW, does not, and is not expected to, offer staking options."