ckETH Will be a major come back - But when?

The ckETH integration could be a major come back. But when?

Are there any updates on the development progress, and some rough timeframe of the final release?

Once it hits the streets, will Dfinity & ETH work together in some ways, so that the Internet Computer can help fix some of the underlying issues that ETH has?

Will Vitalik ETH mention to his audience that ckETH got released and is ready for new usecases ?
(Since we are not enemies, and both could help each other grow in many ways)
Serious question…


Here is one related screenshot from July Global R&D meeting, hope it helps (but indeed best to watch the whole session):

Plus, this seems to be the right forum topic for ckETH discussion:

Regarding cooperation with Ethereum Foundation and Vitalik I haven’t seen any info, best if @dominicwilliams or @Jan could respond :pray:


Thanks for the helpful answer. Always watch the R&D meeting but somehow slipped my mind…
So Q4 is going to be very interesting for the IC ecosystem in general, also on the Origyn side.

It should be possible.
I mean… Even if they have different and somewhat competing projects going on now, they used to work together in this space. Im sure they still are friends somehow.
If it was me and i was on the winning side of it (on top of the world) like Vitalik, i would give a old friend a shout out for sure… :100: Just as a kind gesture - a quick shout out - to lift you up real quick.
Thats all i had to do.

After all the hard work and all the unfair threatment ICP / Dfinity has taken over the last 2 years, it would not even be bad to ask if he would initiate a quick shout out about the launch of ckETH and its features. Or maybe im living in fairyland with my thoughts :smile: @dominicwilliams @Jan


FYI here is an update from @dominicwilliams which might also (partially) cover questions in this topic:


Thank you very much.
So, we dont need a shout out anymore :smile: :love_you_gesture:
This will be way more effective then that… :fire:

The crazy thing about ICP with its chain-key crypto, it can create a CK twin from any other blockchain, talking directly to the blockchain itself ---- “without need for permission or agreements.”

Quote " What’s on Etheruem, can also be brought to the Internet Computer, without need for permission or agreements." wich partly answered the question above.
I see it as, there will be no need for asking for a shoutout.