Unity 3d Support?

Per this article, Unity 3D now compiles to Web Assembly, Wasm

This could mean that you could make a full 3D video game world in Unity 3d, building it for WebGL, and then deploy it on the Internet Computer. Has anyone tried this? I do not have my internet ID, or dev. environment set up yet, but it seems like a tool chain is here.





Unity → WASM

Basically you can use this: Unity - Manual: WebGL: Interacting with browser scripting and setup interop between Unity and agent-js. You need to most likely create a library to handle the transformation between an agent-js object and a simplified js object to pass back to the C#, but that should be simple.


This seems a lot more interesting if you can separate the game logic from the rendering pipe line. I wouldn’t imagine that rendering would be very efficient on the IC?

This looks like it could be just a little bit awesome, but it just switches to “Unready?” in red, and then nothing happens. Does anyone want to join me?


James you can just open a second browser in Incognito mode. Play against yourself :-p.

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Does anyone have some example of a Unity WASM file implemented (w/ motoko?). Or could me push into the right direction.

I use three.js instead of Unity for building 3d worlds
it has worked well so far

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I am just new to IC and want to make unity webgl game on ICP.
here, I have some questions related to my project.
Can I call canister smart contract inside the unity game?
or should I call canister smart contract in js file and import it to unity script?
Please tell me if anyone have an idea.
Thank you.


Are there any examples of 3D games that are require moderate processing? Something like a high-end mobile game?

I have been developing a 3D game that I would like to be optionally multiplayer but don’t want to re-write it to be a multiplayer game in the traditional sense (interpolation etc). Running the whole thing on-chain would be a great compromise if the IC can handle it.

Searching through the samples page I found this: GitHub - yosun/dfacecam No idea if this is what you’re looking for, but seems interesting

Wow, that’s pretty good, thanks. I’ll trawl through the samples page.