Unity 3d Support?

Per this article, Unity 3D now compiles to Web Assembly, Wasm

This could mean that you could make a full 3D video game world in Unity 3d, building it for WebGL, and then deploy it on the Internet Computer. Has anyone tried this? I do not have my internet ID, or dev. environment set up yet, but it seems like a tool chain is here.





Unity → WASM

Basically you can use this: Unity - Manual: WebGL: Interacting with browser scripting and setup interop between Unity and agent-js. You need to most likely create a library to handle the transformation between an agent-js object and a simplified js object to pass back to the C#, but that should be simple.

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This seems a lot more interesting if you can separate the game logic from the rendering pipe line. I wouldn’t imagine that rendering would be very efficient on the IC?

This looks like it could be just a little bit awesome, but it just switches to “Unready?” in red, and then nothing happens. Does anyone want to join me?


James you can just open a second browser in Incognito mode. Play against yourself :-p.

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