Type error [M0030], type field file1ID does not exist

I’m getting the following error:

type error [M0030], type field file1ID does not exist in type
    date : Text;
    emailOne : Text;
    emailThree : Text;
    emailTwo : Text;
    entryTitle : Text;
    file1ID : Text;
    file2ID : Text;
    location : Text;
    lockTime : Int;
    sent : Bool;
    text : Text;
    unlockTime : Int

but this error seems to be a false reading because the field file1ID is indeed defined and included in the object type as you can see in the error message. I’ve tried restarting my machine and had no luck. does anyone know why this error message would be displaying?

Objects can contain both type fields, that can be referenced from type expressions, and value fields, that can be referenced from (ordinary) expressions, and these fields names live in separate namespaces, so a record can have both a type field and a value field of the same name.

The record type above does have a value field named file1ID, but no type field named file1ID. I suspect you are trying to reference field file1D from a type expression (expecting a type field), hence the error.

If that doesn’t help, can you show the code that is producing the error?