Translate error

When running google translate in applications on icp, page binding is lost. I bring it to the attention of the developers.

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In some places it works fine like here :slight_smile:

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Never thought about, well spotted!

Indeed certified domains <canister-id> do not seem - from what I can see when I test it - play well with Google Translate. It seems that the translation tool does not execute the service worker and therefore the resources won’t be certified and per extension the dapp won’t be loaded. That’s why the service worker page is translated, no the dapp itself.

ServiceWorkerContainer.register: Scope URL is not same-origin with Client

I forwarded the message, not sure there will be any short term solution, seems like a tricky one.

Being said, it’s possible to translate applications on the ic using the less secure <canister-id> Probably not recommended but it translating is more important, then it can be a workaround for the moment.