Trading is very slow is it the issue of limited boundary nodes?

I am here using Hongkong VPN to trade NFTs of ICP, the trading speed are very very slow(my computer is super fast), I was talked that is the issue of limited boundary nodes? Can the team confirm this? Can we improved soon? If it is this slow, how can we called Internet Computer?

Hello @daijianlin

I am not aware of any ongoing issues. To better investigate, it would help us if you could share with us which boundary node you are connecting to (IP address).

What do you observe? You get a successful response, but slow or you don’t get a response at all? Has it just started recently or you have been observing that for a while?

I don’t know which boundary node I was/am connecting to, I am in mainland China and I usually connect to HongKong via VPN, from more than two years ago, I am using entrepot ( to trade NFTs, for a few days (the time motoko day drop released) I even cannot trade but others could trade (since I could see the trade history, that time I did not know why. And after maybe 1-2 days later that I can trade, but sometime stuck, I thought that’s entrepot’s issue.

But after more than 2 years, the trading experience is keep the same as before, always very slow and sometimes fail to trade because of stuck for a long time. I talked this in a group of openchat, a friend told me that issue is from the limited boundary nodes.

Also, each time I use ICP websites such as, etc. for a few minutes, my iMac computer (bought 2019 more than 3000USD) would run just like tractor (very loud voice), why? Is this issue also because of limited boundary nodes? So I usually don’t like to link ICP based websites.

This is most likely an Entrepot issue, not the IC. Entrepot hasn’t had an update in ages now. Use Dgastonia to buy your NFTs. You might have better experience. The IC needs better NFT marketplaces.

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Both and are not directly hosted on the IC:

$ dig A +short is an IP from AWS and similar for, which is behind Cloudflare.

Yes, I totally agree with you. I know they have a new site called, but this new site even not update the latest info, and I cannot use it to trade since always stuck there. More than two years have passed, Bob’s NFT marketplace is not improving at all.

Yes, I just used early today, and it is working better than both toniq and entrepot.

I am in the same page with you. Hope there would be some better marketplace to replace the toniq and entrepot since they are not improving at all for more than two years.

Take the pictures of NTFs as an example, the pictures shown very slow (some even cannot shown) on both toniq and entrepot, is it not the issue of boundary nodes? I meant the pictures are stored on the blockchain of ICP?

If it is a cloudflare IP, is it not a boundary node that is connected, but a CDN? I was wondering if Dfinity would develop a distributed CDN in the future or if the boundary nodes would play that role. I would like to know more details in this area.


Hi @hokosugi

You are completely right: In the future, the boundary nodes should also act as a CDN for the Internet Computer. Already today, the boundary nodes act as the edge of the Internet Computer and provide limited caching. However, there is still quite some work to do until the boundary nodes get to that point and this is a gradual process, which takes time.


Thank you very much.
I was reading the proposal and it looks difficult, such as having to start with a deterministic boundary node VM. However, it is a way to avoid the negative effects of centralized web2.0, so please do your best! If the boundary node becomes NNS managed, I expect it to become a powerful DePIN brand by distributing rewards for BN.

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