Degraded performance; Slow $ICP transactions, the dashboard is not loading metrics

Status page does not show any errors, but performance is severely degraded.
InternetComputer Status


Thanks. Team also noticed it and is looking at it.


Could it be related with the move of removing the service worker for a direct call to boundary nodes?

All IC websites are slower, it’s not just the Dashboard.

all APPS are down. ICP first outage?

It is slow, not down, please use the right words.


It’s not down :sweat_smile: It’s just slower, I haven’t been getting any errors, not even timeouts. (so far… :smirk: )

Not related to the service worker, rather seems the results of an excessive traffic on the BN but, those stuffs are not my strenghness and I am not digging into myself, just wanted to share that the team is on it.

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One can only hope that $ICP is truly ready for mass adoption.
However, it’s worrying that, with new activity emerging from Bioniq, Mora, and others, we might actually expect degraded performance in the future.

What type of DDOS protection is implemented for boundary nodes in $ICP?

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Absolutely nuts! Just a few days ago, a whopping 15,000 folks were all buzzing online, dropping articles on Mora like it’s the hottest thing in town.

A quick update:
We saw a huge increase in requests going to the IC that fully utilized the boundary node capacity. We quickly added additional boundary nodes. This helped and all boundary nodes are healthy at the moment.

It is important to note that the IC and it’s subnets were not affected by this.

We created an incident on the status page that you can follow here.

It is not related to the removal of the service worker, but just a steep increase in traffic (query/update).


ICP network weakness are being exposed??? In a period of extreme activity, performance is being compromise. That should never happen. This has to be corrected or icp isn’t ready for prime time.

You did not understand the reply?


What exactly are boundary nodes, and what specific functions do they fulfill?

Boundary nodes are a crucial component of the Internet Computer (IC) network. They serve as the gateway to the Internet Computer, allowing users to seamlessly access the canister smart contracts running on it. All accesses to the IC have to go through one of the boundary nodes [source].

The specific functions of boundary nodes include:

  1. Routing: Every single request going to the Internet Computer first reaches one of the boundary nodes. The boundary node routes that request to a replica node in the right subnet, where the target canister is hosted [source].

  2. Caching: The boundary nodes improve the user experience by forming a caching layer for the Internet Computer [source].

  3. Protection: They provide a first layer of protection by applying rate-limits on certain requests [source].

  4. Discoverability: They aid in discoverability (the domain name points to a set of boundary nodes) [source].

  5. Load Balancing: They can help load balance query transactions [source].

  6. Content Distribution: They can cache cryptographically verified data in the role of a content distribution network [source].

  7. Throttling: They can throttle excessive interactions from an outside IP address [source].

  8. DDoS Protection: They can help protect subnets from DDoS attacks [source].

The boundary nodes provide two ways of accessing canister smart contracts hosted on the Internet Computer: through the HTTP gateway and the API boundary node. The HTTP gateway translates all incoming HTTP requests into API canister calls, which are then routed to the right subnet. The API boundary node allows IC native applications to directly call the canister smart contracts. In this case, the boundary node simply routes the API canister calls to the right subnet [source].


My primary concern is that with mass adoption, the pace of new node implementation might lag behind.

On the bright side, numerous nodes are poised for activation but aren’t operational yet. Presently, only 559 out of 1318 nodes are active.

However, the real challenge arises if we reach full capacity and it proves insufficient, considering the time required to procure and install hardware in data centers.


I’d like to emphasize one positive point. It didn’t crash. :grinning:

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This looks weird, could be the problem ckBTC Transactions - ICP Dashboard
flashes non stop, here with 0 amount and 1m transactions

Looks like it’s trying to catch up and that’s why I see it flashing.

Transactions with 0 amount and just fee

Probably from ckBRC ckORDI launch

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When trying to withdraw from Binance, they show a note that says something like:
Withdraw not possible at the moment due to a problem with the ICP Network. ±…

Is that really the case?

Withdraw from another exchange worked fine.

Asking me? Honestly no idea. Can forward your question.

Every young blockchain network is going to experience degraded performance when new activity emerges. See Arbitrum today

It’s going to happen, happens to every blockchain network. It will happen to icp too