Token Creation - Token Sale ETH or ICP?

Hello everyone! I’m seeking help, advice, and suggestions. We are currently working on the Internet Computer, but before starting our project, our plan was to launch a token sale through various IDO platforms. We still intend to proceed with these IDO launches. However, now that we have discovered and will be building on the Internet Computer, we are considering creating our token as an ERC-20 token. We believe that ERC-20 tokens have a wider reach at the moment and may perform better in token sales on IDO platforms. However, we are aware of the developments with ckETH, and we would like to know your suggestions. How should we approach this situation? We want our utility token to be built on the Internet Computer, similar to ERC-20 tokens. Where should we begin and what steps should we take? Thank you.

My friend, it sounds like you should build on Bitfinity Network.

That way, you can build an ERC-20 token and get all the benefits of the IC. Best of both worlds



Thanks Dfisher, I will research it and see its relationship with the Internet Computer - as our goal is to build on the Internet Computer.

Bitfinity has ERC-20 and also native bridge between IC or EVM tokens. You can check the engine’s documentation here:


Thanks, i have been reading up on it, looks like a winner.

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