Timestamp not found in query response

Getting this strange error with @dfinity/agent:1.1.1 in local environment dfx 0.15.0

Timestamp not found in query response. This suggests a malformed or malicious response.

Observing the response in debugger, it seems like signatures field is not present in the response at all.

I can query the same method successfully via dfx though.

Seems like the problem was in old dfx. Upgrading to 0.18.0 has resolved the issue.

Having the same issue with @dfinity/agent 1.1.1 with dfx 0.13.1.

Currently @dfinity/agent 0.19.3 works fine.

@kpeacock Could you please take a look?


This is expected. As per the release notes in https://github.com/dfinity/agent-js/releases/tag/v0.20.0,

if you are using a lower version of dfx than 0.15.2, you will need to set {verifyQuerySignatures: false} in your HttpAgent options, as the signatures were not present in earlier replica versions.

during local development with old versions of dfx