THIS FRIDAY! Community Chat on DAB and Token Standards

This Friday at 10AM PST there will a discussion of DAB and other near-term NFT standards objectives on the Dfinity Devs discord. “NFT standards” is a broad and evolving topic, and we’re not going to solve it in a morning, but we can try, damnit… just kidding.

In attendance will be:

  • Harrison of Psychedelic/Fleek (Plug Wallet)
  • Bob Bodily of Toniq (Stoic Wallet)

We would love to see anyone there who is a wallet developer, dApp or NFT developer, or an interested community member.

The agenda will focus on Psychedelic’s open internet service DAB and its potential role as the community’s token directory.

  • What is DAB?
  • What is holding back other wallets from implementing DAB today?
  • Is DAB capable of being the IC’s sole token directory, or is a pluralistic approach preferable?
  • How will DAB become a decentralized service that the community can trust?

There should be time for a number of people to chime in, so read up and bring your questions if this is an area of interest for you!

I imagine staying on the topic of DAB will provide enough fodder to fill the hour, but there could be room for more discussion on standardization related topics outside of DAB as well.


My pet topic is “standard views” for NFTs. As more NFT projects start to include 3D or general html applications, audio files, etc, (sometimes even at the “root” or “canonical” view of an NFT,) how can developers be sure they’re getting the media type they want?

This probably should not be the focus of conversation. I wrote a post on it here: ICP NFTs Should Support Multiple Views | by Jorgen Builder | Dec, 2021 | Medium


This is a really important conversation! I’ll have to miss most of it because I’ll be doing another talk on Friday at 11, but can we make sure that someone takes thorough notes on this?


DAB discussion may be postponed in anticipation of folks wanting to discuss the nintendo takedown.

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