The Replica returned an error: code 4, message: "Caller is not authorized"

good evening all
started getting this error above along with:
The Replica returned an error: code 5, message: “Canister r7nfb-aaaaa-aaaaj-qabla-cai trapped: unreachable”
with different canisters of mine.
have cycle wallet topped up.
have principals added to canisters.
it runs fine locally fine.
its a straight up clone of Kyles IC-Avatar repo. GitHub - krpeacock/ic-avatar: Latest iteration of the IC Avatar tutorial application

run this from project root ic-avatar
$ dfx deploy --network ic --no-wallet

tried fresh canisters from nns-app.
re: @kpeacock

Dry doing it with dfx build and dfx canister --network ic install commands

dfx canister --network ic install --mode=reinstall --all

this worked thanks.

how do you see this integrated into an app?
I am interested in making a registry of verified ‘humans’ with no bots.