The other side of the SNS

Rabbit Hole or Black Hole

Going down the rabbit hole or falling down the rabbit hole, is it something that transports someone into a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation but an extremely engrossing and time-consuming topic.

The 2 main considerations as a neuron owner:

  1. Select extremely engrossing and time-consuming
  2. Follow and trust

Lets just go to the ending:

  1. You have invested your funds into a neuron, locked into the NNS
  2. Rewarded with more voting power, locked into the SNS
  3. Extremely engrossing and time-consuming topics, locked, 24/7
  4. You are a Decentralized Manager and voter for 1 to many projects, locked

Or Follow

So you maintain a full working life with families and a paying job and in your spare time you work for nothing for extremely engrossing and time-consuming topics and then decide that it is all too much and give the NNS and SNS what it really wants, to centralize your voting power.

The only time the salary earners, on the NNS, want your attention is when they need something, otherwise, just give them the control (Follow) and get out of the way.

So they want to emulate the NNS on to the SNS

Try to equal or excel with effort to equal or surpass or rival with some degree of success:

What is the success of the NNS

  1. Extremely engrossing and time-consuming
  2. Follow and trust
  3. 18.4% decaying, extra voting power

What will be the success of the SNS

  1. Extremely engrossing and time-consuming
  2. Follow and trust
  3. 18.4% decaying, extra voting power

I am sure that the marketing about what they want to achieve on the NNS will have more success than what they promise you.

They tell you clearly that you get, extra decaying voting power and how successful their project will become but never on how your standard of living will benefit your life which in reality has lowered the standard of my living from the losses and received the Extremely engrossing and time-consuming or Follow and trust with a 18.4%, questionable, decaying extra voting power rewards.

This is where the Name Calling starts.

I must be a hater and you will make assumptions of me with misinformation, be dismissive, use deflection or say I am here just to go to the moon.

I love this project and want to see it succeed and have invested heavily, lost much but I am a realist and will not be baffled by marketing, largely over stating expressive words or being put in my place and I will share my right to give my point of view.

The NNS was a rabbit hole for me and now I have to consider from what I have learnt and experienced on the NNS and this forum if I am going down a black hole the SNS as it seems like a lot of stress and more time consumption with no promise or outlook from DFINITY to increase my living standard for my efforts but just to further their cause and continuing salaries of their increased living of standard.

It’s a NO for me

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The beauty of the SNS is that is proves once again what a farce democracy is. While the idea is great on paper, it ends up being a poopshow in practicality.
The sns is that now.
-No one has any idea what to do with it.
-no one has any actionable idea of what to do with it.
-no one has a way to consolidate representative power to progress the system towards anything
-the launch was botted, so now its become a grift coin to shill to people that got displaced from the opportunity to acquire one initially (special 40x markup for you)
-the community members seem to all have “big brain” ideas, that generally pan out to be nothing of value.
-theres an aura of arrogance about holding one.
-its floundering in its own urine.

Atleast the NNS had Dfinity to say “this is what we’re doing” while letting the casual folk have a vague sense of control.
The SNS is just a cluster, and the only one with any meaningful power is some offbrand artist that was gifted tokens for making monkey jpegs on the IC, and a whale who’s likely using his weekly NNS rewards to scoop a dozen or so at a time.

I’d really like to see dom do one of his fireside coffee chats again, and explain or atleast layout wtf it is that the SNS should be doing/direction it should be going.

People are working on real proposals as we speak good things take time

Yes I have seen your posts and see you are on a mission but it is not mine.

I joined this project as I feel that Government currencies are like many things run by the Governments, they will collapse.

They will become worthless and Gold and Silver are just too heavy to lug around.

I like to point out the reality of most things as I believe most people are just followers but while I have my say about this project I will not sell out this project and Don.

I can normally see bad and the ugly and I don’t believe that is in Don but I will point out my concerns when some people, well meaning loose their way and remember that we the neuron owners here for this project and want to see it become a reality to further my dream which is not going to the moon.

I would like to buy a farm as I believe that mankind only needs 3 things to survive, water, air and food. While many fill their gardens with flowers they are useless when you are hungry and I want to grow food to give to those hungry for no money.

I don’t care if I lose all the money I have invested into this project and it wouldn’t take much to stake more.

You should learn to forgive and you will be a much happier person.

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